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Social Media Rule #1 – Be Honest and Transparent

2009 November 2

Truth in advertising seems to have gone the way of analog TV.  There’s not much trust in advertising today.  There have been too many abuses by too many “clever” advertisers.

Social Media is, by nature, all about truth.  It has to be.  Because information spreads so quickly the truth always comes out.  Often sooner than later.

So, if you are a FOX News commentator yelping outrage at the White House for calling his FOX News network biased, why did he, only months before, attack the Bush administration for not going after that “other” biased news organization MSNBC?  And why does the FTC allow FOX News use the descriptor “News” in its name?

Talk about truth in advertising!

I think I’ll start getting all my news from John Stewart and the Daily Show.  It seems that the only place to get balanced news anymore is from a comedian.  Sure wish this was funny . .  .

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