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Seattle/Bellevue Social Media Marketing

Traditional Media + Social Media = The New Rules of Marketing

What is social media?  How is social media different than traditional media?  Steve Lawson and Bellevue, WA based Friendly Voice, Inc. help companies big and small engage internally and with customers through the use of Social Media.

Steve and his team can answer your social media questions and guide your business toward positive engagement with customers, prospects, and employees.

Why Social Media?

Purchase Funnel with Social Media

"New" Purchase Funnel

Classic Purchase Funnel

"Classic" Purchase Funnel

Consumers turn to the internet before making even the smallest purchase.

The traditional media model of blasting a single message to the masses is losing its effectiveness.

We blend Traditional and Social Media allowing consumers to easily find your product or service, at the moment they are ready to buy.

Click either of the above images to compare the “classic” and “new” purchase funnel

Friendly Voice Enhances Traditional Media With:

External CommunicationInternal Communication
Social Media StrategyWeb Videos, Blogs, Podcasts
Websites & Search Engine OptimizationDirect to Consumer Press Releases

Need more information?  Just give us a call at (425) 649-9114