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Rob McKenna Running For Governor – Update

2010 March 4

It looks like the Washington State Democratic Party has forwarded the url to

So clicking on the links in my last blog post won’t be helpful any longer.

Good thing, then, that I captured screen shots of most of the pages.

Just click on the pictures below to see the full sized images.

Screen Shot - Home Page - Rob Mckenna for Governor 03/03/10

Screen Shot of Home Page - Captured 03/03/10

Text only screen shot - Legislative Proposals

Rob McKenna

Rob McKenna's stand on light rail from

Rob McKenna

Screen Capture - 03/03/10

Screen Shot of "Press Release" Tab 03/03/10

Rob McKenna

Whois Search - Rob McKenna for Governor 03-03-10

Whois Search - Rob McKenna for Governor 03-03-10

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  1. El Marko permalink
    March 4, 2010

    I had understood the bit about McKenna’s opposing state worker pay increases, yet paying some pretty tasty bonuses to the AGO staff, was correct.

    So, the content of the site is correct, the only quibble is over the use of the URL? Well, there you *do* have a point.

    • March 4, 2010

      My point isn’t really to get into the political debate, it’s to just illustrate the methods political parties use to discredit one another, while trying to trick the public.

      Social media is all about transparancy. The Democrats weren’t being very transparant with this site.

      Plus, it’s not wise or responsible to post anything on the internet you don’t want people to see. This was a work in progress, yet it was published on the internet for the whole world to see.

      I found it, because it contained keywords that I track for my clients.

  2. David Matthews permalink
    March 4, 2010

    I hate what Republicans have done to our country but McKenna is not a liar like Gregoire. Rob has my vote no matter how many lies are told in what will be a very dirty campaign.

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