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Rob McKenna Is Running for Governor

2010 March 3

IT’S OFFICIAL* Rob McKenna is Running for Governor!

*according to Washington State Democrats

Rob McKenna for Governor Home Page

One of the things we do as social media consultants is track online chatter about or affecting our clients by using analytics to follow keywords.  Much to my surprise, the website came up in my search, as the website included some keywords that I track daily.  I had to take a look.  While I figured that Rob had aspirations of being governor, I didn’t realize that he had thrown his name into the hat. 

He hasn’t.

This site was put online by the Washington State Democrats using WordPress blogging software.   The site is a work in progress and apparently focuses on  the strategies the Democrats will use to attack McKenna when and if he decides to run.  It outlines Rob’s stance on light rail,  A woman’s right to choose, the fact that he has sent out a lot of press releases, and more.

Actually, the press release tab scared the hell out of me because the page contains “fill in the blanks” along with a suggestion that a “running clock” be added like the US DEBT CLOCK to show just how often the AG’s office does send out a press release.  It’s not the number of press releases that scared me, it’s the debt clock itself.    Holy crap that thing goes fast!!!

While I applaud the Dems for resorting to tactics I would normally expect from Dick Chaney and the “Attack-Attack-Attack” Republicans, I also have to chide them for prematurely publishing a website that’s obviously still under construction.

And while you may think that by applauding them I support their tactics, think again.  It’s a cute trick snatching up a URL that you know a competitor will want, but marketers who play by the rules call that type of activity “brand poaching”.  It’s not a good idea.  It’s an activity that typically lends itself to lots of cease and desist letters, lawsuits and legal fees. 

But political parties rarely play by the rules; even the rules they have enacted on others.  Like their obnoxious and toxic use of RoboCalls during campaigns.  Oh, wait.  I’ve already blogged about that!

Rob McKenna For Governor Press Release Tab whois search

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  1. March 4, 2010

    Uh, dude. It appears that site now goes to a legit Rob site, although it has not been updated lately.

    Did our AG hijack it, or use his private or public (gasp!) bully pulpit to make the Dimocrats give it up?

    Inquiring minds wanna know.

    The Geezer

  2. March 4, 2010

    I’m guessing that the Washington State Democrats, trying to diffuse this, just “pointed” the url to It’s a very easy thing to do.

    No worries. I have screen captures of the site. I’ll post them shortly.

  3. Chris permalink
    March 7, 2010

    Could it be that perhaps his running for governor would be a good thing? so far, i’ve only heard that his hypocrisy is to defend and promote certain high profile laws. Perhaps, however, that is a good thing, and not just an opportune thing?
    I’m a pretty much independent but democratic leaning voter, incidentally, and although I’ve met Rob McKenna, and spent time with him in a classroom years ago, and was not impressed in the way he approached those he deemd inferior to himself (I was never even that high on his radar, however), he seems a refreshing choice for Governor.

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