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New Service Lets Your Friends See Every Purchase You Make

2010 January 14

Your Credit Card Purchases Made Public?

Why would anyone choose to share information about every credit card purchase?  Blippy calls itself,

“a fun and easy way to see and discuss the things people are buying”.

I call it TMI!

Blippy is now open to everyone

Blippy Screen Shot

Share Information About EVERY Purchase With Your Friends

I understand the need to share, but Blippy takes sharing a bit too far.  That’s my humble opinion.

According to Techchrunch:

Already, the service has some 5,000 members from its closed-beta. Those users have shared over $4.5 million in purchase — and over 100,000 different purchases. Just a few weeks ago they were only at $1 million in purchases.

Blippy has some ambitious plans. One, is to work with credit card companies to show ALL individual purchases. Right now, this is hard to do because a lot of vendors don’t provide that information. But plenty are willing to for an idea like this, where everyone can see what others are actually buying.

I guess I’ll pay with cash.

What do you think?

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