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Letterman & Palin – The Social Media story

2009 June 12

Lots of buzz from Wednesday’s Letterman Top ten list.

The first I heard of it was from Matt Lauer’s interview with Palin on the Today Show.


Of course, I then needed to go back and actually watch Letterman’s video from Wednesday night, regarding Palin’s visit to New York City as did 487,000 others on You Tube.


Next stop, was this incredible (is that the right word to describe it?) interview of  LA talk show host/film maker John Ziegler by Contessa Brewer on MSNBC regarding Letterman and Palin as did almost 40,000 others on You Tube (if you add up views of various posts of this video).


Look, Ziegler did a documentary on how Palin was attacked by the press and how the news media caused Barak Obama to “steal” the election from John McCain.  In his documentary Palin recalls that the first day of interviews with Katie Couric didn’t go well, and she recalls asking her staff why they were going to do more interviews since the first ones went so badly.

Let’s take a fresh look at one of those interviews that didn’t go so well for Palin.  As did over 3 MILLION others on You Tube alone.


That got my watching a lot more posted videos, about Ziegler getting arrested at an award ceremony, and Ziegler being interviewed on just about every TV Network and conservative talk radio show.

My verdict?  This has been a good week for Letterman on Social Media and and even better week for David Ziegler, who is riding the Palin train right to the bank.  Not so great a week for the Republican Party or for Palin.

The take away?  Social Media affords new opportunities for the public to get to know personalities and brands.  We can see their miss-steps and their triumphs; over and over and over. We can comment, and we can discuss.  The good news?  The end of the 10 second well staged sound bite.  The bad news?  It takes time to sort through the plethora of content that makes up the Social Media web.

And while I was “channel surfing” I came across this from The Onion.  This is a great piece of TV Parody.  After watching all of the videos above I found this one to be refreshing!


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