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Internal Communications
Creating a Culture of Success – One Story at a Time

What does it take to create a successful business? Why are some businesses successful while others struggle? Kemper Freeman, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Kemper Development Company wanted to share the answers to those questions with tenants of his company’s Bellevue properties.

Jennifer Leavitt, VP, Marketing at Kemper Development Company, connected author and customer service expert Robert Spector with award wining communicator Steve Lawson of Friendly Voice, Inc. to find out what makes the most successful retail businesses at the Bellevue Collection tick, and to create a video series to share what they learned with the other Bellevue Collection merchants.

The series features diverse businesses; from hotels, to art galleries, restaurants to jewelers and so much more.

Sort through the videos below for a realistic look at what it takes to create a successful retail enterprise.

Stories of Success From the Merchants of The Bellevue Collection

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Exposing Seattle’s Best Kept Non Profit Secret

Pioneer Human Services

In 2007 Pioneer Human Services helped over 11,000 clients overcome the challenges of chemical dependency, mental health issues, or criminal histories through an integrated array of housing, employment, training, re-entry and treatment services.

Pioneer funds these services not through donations, but through money earned providing services to major corporations like Boeing, Starbucks & Safeco and to City, State and Federal agencies.

It’s been that way since its founding in 1963.

This video (and seven companion videos) bring the history of this remarkable agency to life through stories told by its founding board members and honorary governors.

This story was distributed internally on DVD and has been posted online for additional public exposure.

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Steve Lawson and Mike West MGX Radio Microsoft MGX Orlando

Internal Communications – Offsite
Microsoft MGX

Because we are technology geeks that actually speak plain English, we help businesses communicate clearly and effectively using a variety of technologies.  Which, is why we were asked to help PBJS and their client Microsoft communicate with 13,000 international Microsoft employees who gathered in Orlando for the annual MGX conference  . . . on AM Radio.

The Challenge:

Microsoft had 13,000 conference attendees stuck on busses for up to an hour as they were transported from Disney Resort properties to the MGX Conference in downtown Orlando during rush hour.

The Solution:

Microsoft bought time on a local Orlando AM radio station, and we created a custom radio station and broadcast in the morning and afternoon to attendees who had no choice but to listen to the broadcast on their inbound and outbound busride.

Mike West (front) and Steve Lawson (back) broadcast in Orlando for Microsoft MGX

Mike West (front) Steve Lawson (back) broadcasting live

People Ready Radio

Steve Lawson teamed with Mike West to broadcast live to these 13,000 Microsoft employees.

The programming was fun and entertaining.  Building excitement for the conference on the way, and reinforcing important company messaging on the ride home.

Mike and Steve talked drumming with Jeff Raikes, retired President, Business Division;  Rugby with former Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell; found out what was on Robbie Bach’s Zune, played with a cool mobile phone owned by Pieter Knook, former Senior Vice President, Mobile Communications Business; and talked music and fine art with Mich Matthews, Senior Vice President, Central Marketing Group.

And what’s a radio show without Jingles and recorded promos and IDs.  We didn’t miss a beat.

The Results:

Conference attendees felt more connected to the company and to those executives who participated in the broadcast.

Take a listen to a show sample:

Audio MP3

Enjoy the show elements:

Top of the Hour ID:

Jingle - Mike & Steve
in the morning:

Audio MP3
Audio MP3

Steve Ballmer ID:

Jingle - Traffic:

Audio MP3
Audio MP3

Listen to the interviews:

Jeff Raikes

Chris Liddell

Audio MP3
Audio MP3

Robbie Bach

Mich Matthews

Audio MP3
Audio MP3