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Facebook Pages – No Longer An Option

If your company doesn’t have a Facebook Page, you’re missing the opportunity to connect with millions of people; some of whom are already big fans of your business. While Facebook makes it easy to create a page, the pages that resonate best with your customers are ones that are rich with information and convey the company’s brand. Friendly Voice, Inc, can help you create a Facebook page integrated with your current website. A page that will engage your fans where they are already hanging out on the web.

The Stern Center

Dr. Fredric A. Stern is a leading Northwest cosmetic surgeon based in Bellevue, Washington. Our work with Dr. Stern began in early 2010 with a redesign of The Stern Center website, creating social media friendly landing pages for most provided procedures and services.

Having a business fan page is as important to any business as is a company website. Afterall, we want to fish where the fish are biting, right? Implementing a Facebook business page is pretty simple. But there are tricks you can employ to help a page grow.

For The Stern Center Facebook page, we created a couple of extra tabs to encourage people to “like” the page and keep coming back.

Content Drives Engagement

The “specials” tab offers two different messages. If you already “like” the Stern Center business page you will see current specials. If you don’t yet “like” the Stern Center page, this tab is the first one you see if you click over to the Stern Center Facebook page, and you see a message informing you that if you click the “like” button, you can see the current Stern Center special offers.

Not so fast. Like us first – Then see the offers

Tab you see once you "like" the site
Default tab you see if you don't yet "like" the site
image you see if you "like" the siteTab you see if you don't yet like the site

Incorporating Important Information from your Company Website

Friendly Voice, Inc. helped The Bellevue Collection incorporate important web content into their Facebook Page. One example is the Store Directory tab on their Facebook page which is automatically propagated with data from the Bellevue Collection website.

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