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You Can Tweet Your Prayers – If They’re Not Urgent

2009 August 24

For those who think Twitter is a useless social media channel, consider this.

Every day people from around the world (from Barack Obama to the Pope) stuff prayers written on pieces of paper into the cracks of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which was part of the Jewish Second Temple destroyed by the Romans in AD 70. E

Now you can have your prayers delivered to the wall from the convenience of your home (or mobile device etc).

You can tweet your prayers, (140 characters or less) and 25 year old Economics student Alon Nil will transcribe  your prayer-post and place it in the wall for you.

The only problem is since Alon launched this service, he has been inundated with so many requests that, according to his blog, he’s having trouble keeping up with the demand.

If you’re not in a hurry, you’ll be happy to know that your prayer will be placed in the wall absolutely free but the service does not include praying for you, or reciting any psalms.

According to his FAQ, Alon does not provide customer service in the event your prayer is not answered.  In that event, you need to take it up with “The Big Guy Upstairs”.  Alon is just the middle-man.

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