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Tiger Woods Jokes and Links are Easy to Find Online

2009 December 11

Tiger Woods Jokes:

The Tiger Woods’ jokes are making their way around the Internet.  Here are just two of the ones I’ve seen.

1.  What’s the difference between a golf ball and a Cadillac Escalade?  Tiger Woods can drive a golf ball over 400 yards (sound effects of laughter).

2.  What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa?  Santa stops after 3 “ho”(s).

3.  Is it true that Tiger Woods is changing his name to “Cheetah” Woods? (Thanks to Steve West for this one!).

Funny stuff.  Unless you are Tiger.  Or his wife, or a family member, or a business partner, or any company who sponsors him.

The Social Media Story:

Today, these exposes aren’t limited to the National Enquirer.  They are mainstream and are picked up by ALL media. Even social media.

Tiger Woods Links you Can share:

I took a 10 minute look online this morning and found these great tidbits for you to share with friends.

Naughty Tiger:  All of His Sexy Texts & E-mails – from Radar

The Women of Tiger Woods:  Full List & Pictures! – from the Hollywood Gossip

No congressional gold medal for Tiger Woods – Daily Finance

Tiger Woods’ “Mistress” Rachel Uchitel Is NOT A Hooker – X17 online (Parental Discretion Advised)

In this video, Joy Behar of The View Claims that Rachel Uchitel is!

Admitted Tiger mistress: No $, Only Heartbreak – The Today Show

I have to insert a comment on this today show link.  I had to turn off the TV this morning after hearing this quote from Jamie Jungers, who has stepped forward as one of the women and claims she left her fiance for Tiger (though she and her fiance still lived together).  On the Today show she told Meredith Vieira,

“I didn’t even get a birthday card, I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart.”

Hmmm.  I guess she’s forgetting about the three minutes of fame she’s now had.  Three minutes that will grow into weeks and year, or even forever because of the power of social media.  I actually found her interview to be kind of funny (in a demented way). She was pissed-off that Tiger was cheating on HER with other mistresses.

Then there’s the voice mail (allegedly from Tiger) that Mistress # 2 Jamee Grubbs leaked to the press last week

This video ranking the “hotness” of Tiger’s mistresses gained over 24,000 views in 3 days:

Is Tiger’s marriage over?  What about his career?

Does all this attention and buzz signal the end of Tiger’s endorsements and his career in golf?  I’ve heard the pundits say that the best thing that could happen to his career would be for his wife to leave him and take their children.  That, in the public eye, would be seen as his “just reward”.

I hope for everyone’s sake the family gets a lot of help before they make any rash decisions.  It seems to be working for Tea Leoni and David Duchovny.  They are  back together and seemingly happy after separating in November following David’s sex addiction treatment.

There are many more links I could share with you, and a lot more commentary about how Tiger’s actions will affect his life, his family’s life and his career – but that would take away the fun of your search; which is what people do when they want to find something online.

People search for everything online from salacious news like Tiger’s saga, to products and services that your business provides.

When someone is searching for your business, are you as easy to find as Tiger Woods or  Tiger Woods’ Mistresses?

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  1. Mike Bell permalink
    December 11, 2009

    I’m surprised Tiger didn’t blame his crash on his Escalade, because sooner or later every professional golfer blames his caddy.

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