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Is "Textual Harassment" in the dictionary?

2009 May 27

Textual Harassment may not have made it into Webster’s yet, but it is on the rise.  What exactly is “Textual Harassment“?  It’s defined by That’s Not as “when someone you are dating is controlling, disrespecting, or pressuring you in those spaces” (i.e. social networking).

Because with or without technology kids are still kids, these new forms of harassment come in various flavors.

They include pressure to pose for and post nude or semi nude pictures on social networking sites, constant messaging, sneaking a peek at someone else’s cell phone, the spreading of rumors, sharing really sensitive information about other people with friends (gossip on steroids).

That’s not is an effort of Family Violence Prevention Fund, The Ad Council, and The Office on Violence Against Women.

It’s really tough being a kid these days.  Everything happens in a nano second.  Everything is broadcast and re-broadcast.  And while Social Networking, Social Media and web 2.0 delivers amazing opportunities for people to connect, and for business to dialog with customers, it also creates new opportunities for scammers, and bullies.

That’s not offers kids a creative way to deal with the digital pressures that they face.  It’s a wonderful site filled with videos, and “call out cards” they can send to those who are bothering them, a chance for dialog, and a place to turn for live help when help is needed.  The site is written in plain English, is easy to navigate and features content tailored to the age group!

While we as Social Marketing purveyors continue to grow and learn and help our clients prosper, let’s also be conscious of the the “dark side”.  I urge you to book mark and pass the link around your network.  It’s important that kids know where to turn when they need cyber help.


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