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Proof that Avatar is Actually Pocahontas in 3D; digg it?

2010 January 12

This is a link to ACTUAL PROOF that James Cameron actually just modified the script from Pocahontas to create Avatar.  It’s on the internet – so it has to be true!!

Ok, what is truly remarkable about this story is that as of right this moment, 5055 people liked this article enough to vote it up on  That’s HUGE!  Oops, now it’s 5056 as I just gave it a “thumbs up as well”.

This very funny piece was created as a self promotion for a copywriter.  Here’s his contact information:

Pascal Boogaert – freelance concept en copy m: 06 – 54 753 417 – email:  info @ belpascal. nl

I’m not sure which came first – the script treatment or this very funny movie trailer.

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