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PEMCO Insurance Tweets Launch Event Invites & Packs the House

2009 May 21


Last night I attended an amazing party hosted by PEMCO Insurance celebrating the launch of their latest Northwest Profile character – “4-WAY STOP, YOU GO, NO YOU GO. NO YOU GO GUY”.

I and the other guests were invited to enjoy some great wine and marvelous appetizers at Seattle’s Space Needle, and to watch a live broadcast of  KING TV‘s Evening Magazine, which included a segment introducing the new Northwest Profile, taking viewers behind the scenes of the creation of their latest commercial, all of which have been created by DNA.

As you can see in the video above, the event was really fun.  But what really makes this party unique is that many of the guests who attended are not related to PEMCO or the insurance or media industries, they are people that follow and are followed by PEMCO CMO Rod Brooks on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Rod “tweeted” invitations to his guests 48 hours prior to the event and judging from the turnout, it’s apparent that those following Rod and those that he follows responded enthusiastically to his invitation.  I know I did!

PEMCO is in the insurance industry.  Insurance isn’t a really sexy industry.  People view insurance as a necessary evil. not a purchase they are excited to make – until they actually need to use it.  PEMCO is a Northwest company that is thriving while others are struggling, by focusing their brand on those qualities that make the Northwest unique.  They show that they really know this region; the people and the culture, well enough to have fun with it.  And PEMCO extends their brand into the community through sponsorships and events.

They even offer free “Northwest Profile Trading Cards” and are currently engaging with their customers and potential customers through an online “chant” competition which ties to their sponsorship of Seattle’s latest Major League sports phenom, the Seattle Sounders Football Club.

I salute PEMCO for combining the use of traditional Media, Sponsorships, Social Media and the web to create a well balanced synergistic campaign, that fits well with their campaign slogan, “We’re a lot like you.  A little different”.


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  1. DickShay permalink
    May 21, 2009

    The ads are hilarious and I suspect timeless. I hope PEMCO puts them in the vault and then brings them back every year or two. I will laugh just as hard every time. Disney has done this with their stable timeless classics every couple of years and now PEMCO is doing it with its unique series of radio and TV ads.

  2. RainChild permalink
    May 28, 2009

    PEMCO made a smart, sweet move with bringing in Rod Brooks !!!
    Funny funny stuff!!!
    And, hey, it’s so US 🙂

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