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One word every elected official should learn from Scott Brown

2010 January 20

Scott Brown, Senator-elect from Massachusetts was interviewed this morning on The Today Show by Meredith Vieira.  As I listened to the interview one word delivered by Senator-elect Brown got my attention. The word was “transparency”.

It’s a word we use a lot in social media marketing.  We urge our clients to be transparent in everything they do.  To be honest and create remarkable, innovative products or services.  Great stuff that others will talk about.

Here’s what Brown said:

“People are angry.  They are tired of the back-room deals they want transparency, they want good government, they want fairness and they want people to start working and solving their problems.”

I hope for the people of Massachusetts and the rest of the world that Senator Elect Brown reflects on those words often.  I hope that quote becomes the mantra not only for businesses, but for every elected official.

You can see the entire interview on The Today Show website.

I’ve posted the :30 second sound clip that caught my ear below.

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