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In this web 2.0 world it's hard to get lost

2009 August 21
by Steve Lawson

The Seattle Times ran a story yesterday about a man who awoke in Seattle’s Discover Park, flagged down a bus driver and was taken to Swedish Hospital suffering from a severe bout of amnesia.  Today’s follow up story titled Mystery of apparent amnesia victim solved shows the power of web 2.0 , which we refer to as Social Media.

Three hours after the Times posted the story and a picture of the man on it’s website, a man in CHINA contacted the paper with the person’s name and a brief bio.   Three hours and China are the words that caught my attention.  That’s the world we live in. It took three hours for someone in China to recognize the victim’s picture and contact the newspaper!

Once the Times reporters had the victim’s name and bio tidbits the rest was easy.  A web search revealed the victim’s online resume and at that point it became a simple game of connect the dots.

The take away?

People are connected worldwide.  And information is now shared at the speed of light.

What are people saying about your company?  Are you participating in that discussion?

The other take away?

Because of Social Media, even if you have amnesia, you may learn more about yourself than you care to!

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