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Facebook to add new features for privacy control

2009 July 2
by Steve Lawson

Facebook has more than 200 million users at last count.  These users love the fact that they can connect and share with people from all walks of their lives – from family members and close friends, to business associates.  But this combination of communities has also become a problem for those who want to share only certain aspects of their lives with certain groups of people.  You know, like those party pictures from last night?  Your boss may not be amused by that picture of you with the lampshade on your head, and not much else.

According to an article in today’s New York Times, Facebook is adding new features that will allow users to define who gets to see each status update, picture or video they post on their wall.

One example cited in the article would  make it easy for someone to remind all the family members on Facebook about a surprise birthday party, without tipping off the one being surprised.

These features are being tested right now but will be available to all Facebook users in the near future.  Stay tuned!!!

If you’re new to Facebook and confused, this video illustrates that you are not alone.


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