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Does Comcast No Longer Care?

2012 October 27
by Steve Lawson

Comcast was an amazing Red lion design – search engine optimisation Cardiff pioneer in social media based customer support. But my recent dealings with them have me wondering if A)  they lost interest, or B) they can’t keep up with the complaints?

I just moved about 1/2 mile.  But in dealing with Comcast you would think I had moved to Jupiter (and I don’t mean Florida).  TV set up pretty easily, as did the internet.  Bu the phone?  That was a whole other story. And dealing with their “customer care” was a nightmarish joke.  I called the activation number, they transferred me to billing who said I needed to call activation who then transferred me again to billing.  This cycle happened about three times over about 2 hours.

I posted @comcastcares (they didn’t) and DMd them as well on Twitter.  no response.

The next day, I called “customer support” again, and asked immediately to be escalated, which of course, couldn’t happen until the customer service agent recited the Comcast guarantee, offered me other services and then went through the rest her script.  Once I screamed “ESCALATE ME” i was admonished for not being nice as she was trying to help me, which made me scream louder “ESCALATE ME” which eventually got me to a supervisor, Marilyn, who was AWESOME.

She listened, asked intelligent questions and fixed my problem.  Kind of.  The technician working on my account via Marilyn made a few mistakes along they way, but she dogged my issue and her tech until all was well.  And she adjusted my bill and gave me some premium channels to make me happy.

And then, last night, after 24 simultaneous hours of uninterrupted phone service, Comcast did some sort of network “refresh” and once again my phone service was dead.  Really dead.

Saturday is Marilyn’s day off, so I couldn’t reach her for help.  I called the “main” Comcast number as I had on Wednesday and Thursday, but couldn’t play their phone tree game and listen to their up-sell messages.  Why, or why don’t corporations segment their messaging?  People calling with a problem want their problem fixed, not  be sold to.

So, I contacted tech support via chat.  Which got hung up on my first try.  Right after the admonition on the script that the person I was talking to could help me.

So I started up a new chat.  This time, it worked.  Emmanuel (who I’m assuming is in a place very very far away), was able to get my phone service up and running. And this time he “locked” the account, so when Comcast does another network “refresh” it will resume my service once refreshed.

You can read the transcript from my online chat with Comcast.  For dramatic effect when you read Emmanuel’s lines, think of them in the voice of HAL in 2001 A Space Odyssey.  Oh, and feel free to call me.  The phone lines are open.

Click here to read the transcript of my last chat with Comcast.  Keep in mind, this chat lasted about two hours – so when you read it, put it down for about a minute or two after every line.

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