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Colbert and Obama – Social Media Experts

2009 June 9

It didn’t matter that most of America missed Stephen Colbert’s first broadcast from Iraq. I’m predicting that the media frenzy surrounding this broadcast and the ability of so many to share this hilarious moment with friends and family will make this clip one of the most “seen” scenes ever broadcast.

I watched Search Twitter watch the search phrase “Colbert Obama” for about 10 minutes this morning. The tweets were coming in at an average of 1 per second.

The Colbert team couldn’t have planned and written a better script. Involving the President of the United States, arguably one of the the savviest social media practitioner in the nation was a stroke of brilliance.

The take-away? Find out what’s most important to your most important clients and deliver content that’s important to them.

In this case, for the President it’s America wanting to be in touch with their leadership. Wanting their commander and chief to be approachable, communicative and REAL. Wanting the President to be “one of them” and show that he’s connected; involved. The President, by being “in” on Colbert’s well crafted joke delivers on all counts while showing empathy for all of those serving in the military and their families.

For Colbert it’s delivering brilliant content to a very intelligent audience. Content that can inspire, or exasperate but always makes the audience think.

What’s important to your best customers? What content can you provide to help them satisfy their needs an desires?  If your prospects and customers know they can turn to you for information that’s important to them, it tells them that you really know them, and are looking out for them, and that you’ll be there for them when they are ready to make a purchase and that you’ll be there for them after you make the sale.

The video below deserves more than an EMMY Nomination, or EMMY win. It’s bigger than that.

Television doesn’t get any better than this!


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