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Carrie Prejean Sex Video? She should have been transparent.

2009 November 13

The number one rule of Social Media?  Be Transparent!  Don’t hide anything.  Be honest.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

News travels fast via Social Media.  Bad news travels even faster.  Carrie Prejean went on Larry King’s CNN show hoping to sell books.  Instead, she bared much more than we saw in her previously released semi-nude pictures.

I’m not sure how many viewers actually saw Carrie Prejean’s pathetic encounter with Larry King.  But hundreds and hundreds of thousands have seen the video below on a wide variety of websites.

Before you start on any new marketing campaign ask yourself this question, am I trying to hide something?

And this just in!  According to, there are 7 additional sex tapes and 30 more nude photos lurking in the digit-sphere.  The hits just keep on coming!


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  1. YoullNeverBelieveMe permalink
    November 14, 2009

    The laughs keep coming! I’m not talking about ALL religious people, but there is a certain stripe of them that are obsessed with other people’s personal lives, and they ALWAYS have something hiding in their own. “It’s wrong for you to do this, but it’s ok for me because God forgives my sins and I’m not supposed to be perfect anyways.”

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