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Steve Lawson Productions

Steve Lawson left KING Radio and KING Broadcasting in 1979 to found Steve Lawson Productions, a recording studio specializing in audio recording, voice over recording, commercial production, audio for corporate video and music recording.  Over the next 20 years Lawson Productions (which was re-named Bad Animals/Seattle in 1991) became one of the largest audio recording complexes on the west coast, attracting major recording artists, advertisers, production companies and theme parks.

Lawson Productions after first expansion on 6th Avenue in Downtown Seattle

Steve Lawson Productions Goes Digital in the 1980’s

Steve Lawson Productions introduced Digital recording to Seattle in the mid 1980’s. But it wasn’t quite the iPod experience we’re used to now. Instead, we used about $25,000 worth of receivers, wires, filters and a satellite dish to beam voices from Los Angeles and New York City directly into our Sixth Avenue studios. You can see the technology up close in this story by Connie Thompson which aired October 18, 1988 on KOMO 4 News in Seattle.

Paul Revere and the Raiders and
Steve Lawson Productions are Local News

Steve Lawson Productions played host to Paul Revere and the Raiders after opening “Studio A” in the mid 1980’s. Paul brought his Raiders to Seattle to record an album, and a few Christmas songs for compilations, including a very cool version of Jingle Bells for Christmas in the Northwest Volume III. Bob Israel was the engineer. We spelled his name correctly here on this website. ISRAEL. LIke the country.

Wow, Steve Lawson is pushing buttons!

Seattle Times Article about Steve Lawson and Lawson Productions in Seattle, Washington
Not sure there needs to be a caption here. The picture already has one. Doesn’t that count?