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Steve Lawson’s KING Radio Years

Broadcasting as Scott Terry

Steve Lawson broadcast on KING AM Radio in Seattle as Scott Terry

By the age of 20 Steve Lawson was on the air at KING Rocking Radio 11. His DJ air name was Scott Terry.

Click the arrow below to hear an aircheck from 1975.

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What a Puker!

KING Radio Sunburst Logo from the 1970's

Sunday Nights with the Moose

Sunday Nights at KING were the most fun. That’s when Steve got to play on air with Bullwinkle J. Moose (aka Chief Engineer Harrison Klein).

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Delivering the News

And check out this newscast from KING AM - from 1977. Steve Lawson (ahhem, Scott Terry) actually got paid?

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Steve Lawson – The “VOICE” of KING TV

From 1977 to 1979 (when Steve left KING Broadasting to open Lawson Productions) he was the “VOICE” of KING 5 TV. This short video includes samples of Steve’s promo reads, and a nostalgic look back at KING TV from the late 1970’s including short appearances by Lou Dobbs, Jean Enersen and Dick Klinger.

Driving the KING Radio Money Van

King Money VanHow cool is this for a college job? Steve Lawson got to drive the KING Radio Money Van; giving away money to KING Radio listeners who sported a KING Winner Sticker on the back of their cars. One of the winners was the wife of Seattle Mayor Wes Uhlman.

Winner! Winner!

Steve Lawson’s first “big-time” press

Victor Stredicke, the radio columnist for the Seattle Times took a ride with Steve Lawson (aka Scott Terry) giving away money to KING Radio listeners. Victor Stredicke rides in the KING money van with Steve Lawson (aka Scott Terry) and writes about the experience in the Seattle Times

Click here to read the complete Seattle Time’s article.

Playing The Beatles A to Z

Steve Lawson (AKA Scott Terry) Plays the Beatles A to Z on KING Radio 11.

KING Radio was one of the first radio stations in the United States to play The Beatles entire music catalog, in order, alphabetically, from A to Z.

Click here to see the KING Radio/Beatles A to Z Poster.