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Are You Surfing the Internet While Watching TV?

2010 December 15

Are you surfing the internet while you watch TV?  If your answer is yes you are not alone.  A new study by Forrester shows that US consumers now spend equal time with television and the Internet.

So here’s the big question.  When people surf the internet and watch TV simultaneously does the content overlap?  Not really.

According to Forrester’s research the top four online activities have nothing to do with what they are watching on TV.  According to Forrester VP-Research Director, Reineke Reitsma,

“Because consumers are using their PC for activities that require more attention than watching TV – which is mostly a passive activity — it’s questionable how much of the TV content they are even registering. Almost one-third of consumers are playing games on their computers while watching television, and one-quarter are doing schoolwork. Has the TV just become background noise?”

PS.  I’m writing this blog post while kind of watching ADD & Loving It?! on PBS.

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