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Acne, ADHD patients watch more internet TV – Really?

2009 May 6

I saw the headline above and thought to myself, “oh my god, now I know why I’m so interested in Internet TV”.

According to this post which was recently delivered to my email inbox, my interest in Internet TV has nothing to do with the fact that Internet bandwidth and speed now easily support streaming media of all types; even high definition.

It’s because I’m a recovering acneholic, and a prescription carrying ADHD sufferer. Not only that, but family genetics have predisposed me to eczema AND I suffer from hay fever. 

That post stated that my ailments cause me to be more interested in watching Internet TV than the general public.  Wow!  And here I thought all along that my interest in Internet TV was part of a much bigger interest in online communication, social media AND that I, as a consumer, have taken control of the message.

Which is why I clicked within the post to find the original source material they quoted.   The actual press release they cited told a whole different story. 

Here’s the real story:

The findings come from Cybercitizen Health™ v8.0, a consumer market research and advisory service of Manhattan Research. The Digital DTC (Direct to consumer) Relevance chart shows that for some brands, such as those targeting acne, adult ADHD, and fibromyalgia patients, it’s especially critical to take note of digital opportunities in shaping future DTC marketing strategies. 

The actual press release said nothing about Internet TV.

One problem with social media and the new “citizen journalism” is that anyone can say anything, allowing misinformation to be passed along as easily as the truth.

What does that mean to your business? 

It means that you need to be zealous in watching what the Facebook and Twitter universe are saying about you and your company. You need to be involved in the conversation and not be afraid to set the record straight when necessary.

Do you know what your customers are saying about your business?  If not, it’s time you plugged in; to monitor, and interact with these well connected consumers.

Dominos Pizza used Social Media to find and quickly respond to what could have been a PR disaster, when a couple of now unemployed Domino’s pizza makers posted a staged “behind the scenes at Domino’s” video on You Tube.

Here is the company’s excellent response:




Monitoring social media and getting involved with your customers online is now an integral part of “minding the store”.  Who is minding your store?

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